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  • Ren'Py - Visual Novel Engine 1.0

    Ren'Py is a free and cross-platform visual novel engine that helps you use words, pictures, and sounds to tell stories with the computer. Its easy and
  • !3D Morfit 3D Engine SDK (for Visual C++) 4.0

    You can use exclusive software 3D Morfit 3D Engine SDK for following purposes: for developing top-level arcade games from scratch; for integrating 3D
  • Ren'Py - Visual Novel Engine for Linux 1.0

    Ren'Py is a free and cross-platform visual novel engine that helps you use words, pictures, and sounds to tell stories with the computer. Its easy and
  • FTP Client Engine for Visual Basic 3.4.1

    FTP client component library for Visual Basic provides direct and simple control of the FTP protocol from an Visual Basic application program. The FTP
  • Visual DataFlex Client Engine

    Visual DataFlex Client Engines execute Windows-based application software developed with Visual DataFlex Studio. The Client Engine's components
  • SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Visual Basic 7.4

    MarshallSoft SMTP/POP3/IMAP Visual Basic email component library (SEE4VB) uses a simple API to send and receive mail, including HTML, MIME Base64 and
  • Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment (Visual Studio Edition) 2.0

    Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment Visual Studio Edition (VP-SDE VS) is a full-featured visual analysis, modeling extension for Microsoft
  • Visual Paradigm SDE (Visual Studio Edition) 4.3

    SDE for Visual Studio is a UML CASE tool/plug-in tightly integrated with Visual Studio. This UML modeling software supports full software lifecycle -
  • IMS Web Engine 1.86

    IMS Web Engine is a professional authoring tool for the creation of advanced interactive and animated web sites that make full use of Dynamic HTML and
  • Engine Of War

    Engine of War is a mix of action and simulation. Fight zombies and design electric circuits in this brand new action/simulation game. Blow up
  • C-Pen OCR Engine

    C-Pen Core will install without the ABBYY FineReader Engine to allow quicker updates in the future. If the ABBYY FineReader Engine from a previous
  • XDB Engine 1.0

    XDB Engine implements object oriented database kernel which may completely customized and extended with random number of additional drivers that
  • BT Engine 5.07

    The handy assistant tool of bit torrent is BT Engine that is set for BitTorrent download optimization. It usage enables bit torrent to find more
  • USL XML Engine 1.4

    Urry Software Lab XML engine is rapid web development tool, designed for parsing data from xml files and including it into different HTML templates.
  • X SMS Engine 4.1

    X SMS Engine is Active X Component (OCX) for Windows, to send and receive SMS messages (GSM Modem). Support USSD & Long SMS/Concatenated
  • The SEO Engine 1.0

    Adds a Link entitled 'SEO Score' underneath each search result on all major Search Engines, which leads you directly into the belly of the Search
  • ED Engine 0.8999

    ED Engine is an online File Manager and a modular css-based wiki/cms. Content and site admins can publish and organize Multimedia content in a very
  • The War Engine 1.0

    The War Engine is a miniatures-based, strategy/tactical game with the emphasis on planning and execution. Through deceivingly simple game play,
  • FTP Client Engine for C/C++ 3.4.1

    FTP client component library for C/C++ provides direct and simple control of the FTP protocol from a C/C++ application program. The FTP Client Library
  • Verification Engine 2.1.0

    VerificationEngine (VE) is an innovative, free multi-browser anti-phishing and identity assurance tool to help consumers achieve a new level of online
  • Components Engine

    Software for the creation of spare parts catalogue and interactive spares parts. The editor of Components Engine defines the future of the software
  • Speech Engine DLL SDK 5.01

    Start recognizing voice commands in any spoken language with Research-Lab's Isolated Words Language- Independent Speech Recognition Engine. From
  • Zoom Engine 1.0

    Zoom Engine is a Photoshop-compatible plugin for enlarging images. Easy to use and with a great versatility, it is able to handle a wide range of
  • AntiSpam Engine 2.1

    Spam wastes time, clogs mail servers, and is very difficult to get rid of. All mailboxes today are constantly flooded with SPAM - unwanted advertising
  • Map Suite Engine

    Map Suite Services Edition is a GIS development framework you can use to create spatially aware Windows services, Web services and console
  • MBD Search Engine 2.3

    MBD Search Engine is a fast full-text personal search engine for e-libraries and document archives. MBD SE is capable to create database by local or
  • AvisMap GIS Engine 5.0.2

    AvisMap GIS Engine is a comprehensive SDK for the development of custom GIS applications and solutions. This SDK provides several ActiveX (OCX)
  • Backup Engine 9.0

    Its very important to backup for the ones who has total concern with computer and has important data to deal with or the ones who face regular
  • Dial Engine Pro 3.0

    dialer without GUI, multiple calling cards; dials from any document or browser page; automatic redialing; audio notification; caller ID; answers
  • ClearCheck21 IQA Engine 1.4

    Rapidly analyze check images for quality and TIFF tag defects and generate Image Quality Assurance Metrics according to the FSTC and X9 rules.
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  • Visual IO 7.092

    visual I/O is a development tool for generating Man/Machine interfaces applications running on a PCcompatible computer. visual I/O integrates a real-time engine allowing executing programs written in Grafcet, ladder
  • Logic Builder SDK 1.0

    Logic Builder - State engine Logic Builder SDK - The universal state-oriented programming system for any language, any IDE and platform. Contains examples of integration with visual Basic 6, visual C++6, visual
  • Visual DataFlex Client Engine

    visual DataFlex Client engines execute Windows-based application software developed with visual DataFlex Studio. The Client engine's components include the application execution engine, database utilities, the embedded
  • Irrlicht Lime 1.1

    Handy wrapper for the Irrlicht engine. Handy wrapper for the Irrlicht engine. Irrlicht Lime was developed as an accessible .NET wrapper for the Irrlicht engine. It wraps most of API available in native library,
  • MyDB Engine standard Edition 2.6

    MyDB engine v2.6 B+Tree / ISAM Database engine for Windows MyDB is a high-speed flat-file database engine that's small, easy-to-use and portable. Works with visual C++/C++ Builder, visual Basic, Delphi. It
  • MyDB Engine Professional Edition 2.6

    MyDB engine v2.6 B+Tree / ISAM Database engine for Windows MyDB is a high-speed flat-file database engine that's small, easy-to-use and portable. Works with visual C++/C++ Builder, visual Basic, Delphi. It
  • Report Manager 2.9a

    Report manager is a reporting application (Report Manager Designer) and also a set of components for Delphi , Builder and Kylix, also supports development environment accepting ActiveX controls (visual Basic,visual
  • Visual Tarot 2009 - Runes Edition 9.8.5

    This Special Edition is based on visual Tarot 2009 engine and Script Language and has ALL Features of visual Tarot 2009 at the time of release (see changelog for more Details). visual Tarot 2009 Runes Edition can use
  • vbGORE 0.1.1

    vbGORE 0.1.1 is a highly-efficient, high-quality MMORPG engine which is created in visual Basic 6. It uses a 3D graphics engine for a 2D interface to allow for stunning effects, and a very powerful network to allow great
  • Protix 3D Builder Version

    Protix 3D Builder Version an advanced and flexible 3D graphics design software which has useful application in easy game design and beginner modeling. P3D is not Autodesk or Maya, but you won't find an easier
  • 3D Developer Studio for Microsoft Visual C++ 6

    3D Developer Studio for Microsoft visual C++ 6 is created with an aim to add the 3D capabilities to your Microsoft visual C++ . Create top level games, or add 3D content to your application. Currently used by more than
  • Visual CertExam Suite 1.9

    If you are preparing for a certification exam, the visual CertExam Suite will come in quite handy. This is a test engine that you use on your desktop to help you prepare for your exams in a simulated environment. You
  • wPDFControl 3.6

    Create full-featured PDF files directly from your application using this powerful pdf writer DLL.The underlying PDF engine wPDF is well-established and widely used - wPDFControl makes this engine available for VB, VC,
  • Real Life: A Bishoujo Adventure 1.0

    Real Life: A Bishoujo Adventure, is multi-path visual novel with multiple endings created with the freeware Ren'Py visual novel scripting engine. Will Ivan be able to date the girl of his dreams? Or will he remain
  • Visual DataFlex 2008

    visual DataFlex is designed for developing database independent Windows and Web applications - fast! The finely tuned interaction between the components of the visual DataFlex system eliminates a huge amount of tedious
  • Absolute Beginner's Series VWD VB Lesson 9 1.0

    This video series is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in learning the basics of how to create dynamic Web applications using ASP.NET 2.0 and visual Web Developer Express Edition with the visual
  • SMSchema suite for Delphi/CBuilder v1.01

    SMSchema suite is the components for data modeling, flowchart and block/scheme engineering:- TSchemaDesignArea: visual design pane to draw the model- TSQLBuilderDialog: visual Query Builder to construct the
  • AvisMap GIS Engine 5.0.2

    AvisMap GIS engine is a comprehensive SDK for the development of custom GIS applications and solutions. This SDK provides several ActiveX (OCX) controls which support visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, visual C++ and other
  • Database Workbench Pro 4.2.4

    Cross database engine developer IDE Cross database engine developer IDE for InterBase, SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, NexusDB, MSDE and Sybase SQL Anywhere including many tools like: Diagramming Tools, visual
  • ViEmu for Visual Studio 2.5.4

    ViEmu for visual Studio is the most popular and mature product of the ViEmu line. Many hundreds of developers use it all day, every day for all their development tasks. Supporting all basic and many advanced features of
  • Klik CompareLib(Developer Edition) 1.2

    Klik! CompareLib v1.2 for MSAccess Developer Edition is a set of classes which are used to compare and synchronize the structural differences in MSAccess 97/2000/XP/2003 databases. The classes are the same engine behind
  • AskSam SDK

    Create applications based on askSam's powerful free-form database engine. Supports visual Basic, Active Server Pages, .NET, C , or C#. A development licenses for installations of the askSam database engine that are
  • ByteRun Builder for PHP 1.0

    PHP Builder Powerful application designer with easy of WYSIWYG editor and power of PHP engine. ByteRun Builder for PHP is the professional Windows GUI software development tool. Create application with easy of WYSIWYG
  • Virtual DJ Home 7.0.5 b370

    VirtualDJ is the hottest MP3 mixing tool that provides pitch control, full karaoke support and many other features, targeting every DJ from bedroom DJs to professional superstars like Carl Cox. With its breakthrough
  • Visual Tkinter Python IDE 2v0.11.42755

    visual Tkinter, the Python language and visual graphic interface designed for program developers. Write programs were tailored to the needs of visual GUI top-level support. Since December 2008 we project growth
  • Visual Table Recorder

    visual Table Recorder offers you such a useful database application that it can help you create your special database accounts with this application. Live perfect database experience with The visual Table
  • Code Visual Editor 2.0

    You can use Code visual Editor to surf, change, document, visualize, and realize the source code. This source code editor supports following programming languages: C, C++, VC++, visual Basic, VBA, Qbasic, VBScript, ASP,
  • SEO Informer 1.0.3

    complete SEO Software solution for ASP.NET. Analyze and optimize your web site for Better Search engine rankings, all within the comfort of visual Studio 2005. Built on the VS Add-in Framework, SEO Informer is unlike
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package 8.0.50727.762

    The Microsoft visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) installs runtime components of visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with visual C++ on a computer that does not have visual C++ 2005
  • 1-Hour Search Engine Optimization Crash Course 1.5

    Free 1-hour search engine optimization crash course on the basics of search engine optimization and how to submit to search engines. The course is broken down into 10 chapters: 1. What Is Search engine Optimization?; 2.