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  • Access 2003 to Visual Basic Object Converter 6.0

    Access 2003 to visual basic Object Converter 6.0 offers you a powerful Microsoft Access 97 through 2003 Add-In utility to convert Access Queries, Forms and Code, Controls (including a number of ActiveX Custom Controls
  • Visual Basic Programmers Essential Toolkit 1.53

    visual basic Programmers Essential Toolkit 1.53 provides you with an open collection of more than 235 new commands for the visual basic Developer (visual basic, visual basic for Applications, and visual basic Scripting).
  • VB & VBA Code Printer 2.1.0

    You can use visual basic (VB) and visual basic for Applications (VBA) Code Printer (VBPRT) for printing a formatted copy of your code. The following statistics are printed with the report: lines of code, number of
  • VB6TOCS 2.5.3115

    VB6TOCS is an assistant tool that converts visual basic 6.0 projects to visual C# .NET. VB6TOCS creates a new project, converts each file from the original project(.vbp) into the new project(.csproj), and generates a
  • L-Basic 1.23

    visual basic Programming Tutorial L-basic is a basic language tutorial program. L-basic emphasizes teaching proper basic programming concepts rather than how to use visual controls. L-basic will help you understand
  • ActiveSocket Network Communication Development Kit 2.3

    ActiveSocket is a Network Communications ActiveX Control. Features: HTTP, HTTPs, ICMP Ping, NTP, SNMP v1, SNMP v2c, SNMP v3 (Get, GetNext, Set), SNMP Trap receive, SNMP Trap send, TCP client/server, UDP datagrams and
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

    Microsoft visual basic is a computer programming language used to develop programs and applications used on Windows operating systems. visual basic is a component of visual Studio, and can be used in conjunction with
  • MemAccess Library 1.4

    MemAccess Library gives programmers control of hardware devices from Windows (Win32 & x64) application without using the Windows Drivers Development Kit (DDK). The tool allows real-time Direct Access to memory mapped
  • ViEmu for Visual Studio 2.5.4

    ViEmu for visual Studio is the most popular and mature product of the ViEmu line. Many hundreds of developers use it all day, every day for all their development tasks. Supporting all basic and many advanced features of
  • ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit 3.0

    The Serial Communication SDK is used for adding serial communications in your project so that you can do communication easily with a modem, scanner, printer, or with any other serial port device. In includes full com
  • Learn Visual Basic .NET 2

    Learn visual basic .NET is a useful and easy application that has an introduction to computer programming that provides an interactive, self-paced tutorial to the visual basic .NET programming language and environment.
  • Creating a Custom Spell Checker with Word/Visual Basic .NET 1

    This sample file accompanies the MSDN article "Creating a Custom Spell-Checker with Word 2003 and visual basic .NET" which demonstrates using the Word object model in conjunction with Microsoft visual basic .NET to
  • Run-Time Redistribution Pack NETFX3.0_0407

    vbrun60sp6.exe is a self-extracting executable file that installs versions of the Microsoft visual basic run-time files required by all applications created with visual basic 6.0. The files include the fixes shipped
  • jit-pdf417 8.5

    JIT-PDF417 To create 2D PDF417 symbols in Microsoft visual basic 3, 4, 5, 6.0 and VB.Net Create visual basic reports, forms, labels, and mail-merge. which can automatically print 2D (two-dimensional) PDF417 bar codes.
  • VBBackup 1.4

    VBBackup is a visual basic add-in for visual basic 6 to create backups of all your visual basic projects. With each project you can: Add/include additional files to be backed up, enter a memo for each project, provide a
  • Klik CompareLib(Developer Edition) 1.2

    Klik! CompareLib v1.2 for MSAccess Developer Edition is a set of classes which are used to compare and synchronize the structural differences in MSAccess 97/2000/XP/2003 databases. The classes are the same engine behind
  • PSS Safe Subclass Control 1.0

    A simple to use Active X Subclassing control for visual basic that is debug safe in the visual basic IDE. Subclassing is a powerful technique that enables you to modify the normal behaviour of the controls and forms in
  • VB Converter 4.0

    VB Converter is a visual basic add-in that converts entire visual basic applications to Java. VB Converter eliminates the need to rewrite visual basic applications in Java in order to Web-enable them or to deploy them
  • NTPort Library 2.8

    NTPort Library enables your Win32 application to real-time Direct Access to PC I/O ports without using the Windows Drivers Development Kit(DDK) - NTPort Library provides support for Windows 95/98/ME and Windows
  • Code Visual Editor 2.0

    You can use Code visual Editor to surf, change, document, visualize, and realize the source code. This source code editor supports following programming languages: C, C++, VC++, visual basic, VBA, Qbasic, VBScript, ASP,
  • SQL Sidekick 2

    SQL Sidekick is a Template driven assistant that allows you to quickly produce ADO code for visual basic and ASP based on a single table or complex query. New Version 2 Designed to make writing code for SQL Server or
  • SMS/MMS SDK 2.0

    You can use inclusive SMS/MMS SDK for easily and quickly sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages. It includes samples for visual basic .NET as well as Java, visual basic, visual C, visual C++, Java script, PHP, and
  • Access 2007 to Visual Basic 6 Object Converter 7.0

    Access 2007 to visual basic 6 Object Converter 7.0 is designed as an add-in tool for converting Access Queries, Forms and Code, Controls (including a number of ActiveX Custom Controls like the Microsoft Windows Common
  • COPC32 1.7

    COPC32 ActiveX control used for SCADA creation and development. You can create SCADA system (Graphic monitoring & control, Trending, Alarm, and more..) within your favorite programming IDE such as visual basic 6.0,
  • ActiveSocket Network Communication Toolkit 2.1

    Toolkit to enhance your applications or scripts with client/server network socket communication, automated telnet sessions, wake up on lan (Wake On Lan, WOL), SNMP, RSH (remote shell script) capabilities and more. Use
  • Add-in Express 2008 for Outlook Express Premium 2008.4.3.759

    Add-in Express for Outlook Express is the premier RAD tool for programming Microsoft Outlook Express extensions. It works on Microsoft visual Studio .NET 2003, 2005 and 2008 and makes it very comfortable for developing
  • USBPhysic 1.1.0

    The stand-alone component USBPhysic is used for extracting physical vendor information from almost any USB storage device. It allows you to get the manufacturer serial number, name, etc of the external portable Hard
  • Visual Basic and Databases 2

    visual basic and Databases 2 offers users a helpful tutorial that provides a detailed introduction to use visual basic for accessing and maintaining databases. Major Features: Topics covered include: database structure,
  • ActiveSocket 4.2

    ActiveSocket is a Network Communication component for Windows. It features: DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPs, ICMP Ping, IP-to-Country, MSN, NTP, RADIUS, RSH, SCP, SFTP, SNMP v1/v2c, SNMP Traps, SNMP MIB, SSH, TCP, Telnet, TFTP,
  • Rational Rose Visual Basic

    Jump-start the development process and support round-trip engineering generating visual C ?? or visual basic?? code from your .Offers a leading modeling environment based on the industry-standard Unified Modeling