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  • CodeX Barcode Label Designer

    barcode Label designer used to create barcode labels in multiple formats such as Tag, Sticker, Rolls, Coupons and barcode Wrist Bands to fulfill all business labeling needs. Using barcode Label designer, you can create
  • Barcode Generator for Publishers

    Innovative Publication Industry barcode designer software creates high resolution barcode labels and stickers. Expertise Publication Industry barcode designer software generate barcode label using graphical objects
  • QRCode 2D Barcode ActiveX 3.0.1

    You can use QRCode 2D barcode ActiveX for generating QRCode 2D barcode. This powerful ATL-based barcode control supports following environments: visual C++, Excel, VB.Net, C#.Net, C++ Builder, visual FoxPro, Word,
  • EaseSoft Barcode DLL 3.5

    EaseSoft barcode DLL retains all the power from barcode ActiveX while eliminating all the registry dependencies. It can be used in any programming environments supporting plain Windows DLL, such as visual C++, visual
  • Morovia Barcode ActiveX Lite (demo) 3.7

    Morovia barcode ActiveX Lite is the low cost version of barcode ActiveX productline. It does what the professional version does, except that it does not supportany of 2D barcodes - such as PDF417 and DataMatrix.Morovia
  • Barcode Inventory Software Download

    Easy to use Inventory control barcode designer software designs quality barcode for tagging items for easy management. Custom Retail Business barcode Label Printing software facilitates to design barcode label from
  • PDF417 Barcode DLL 3.5

    PDF417 barcode DLL retains all the power from barcode ActiveX while eliminating all the registry dependencies.It can be used in any programming environments supporting plain Windows DLL, such as visual C++, visual Basic
  • Barcode Maker for Healthcare Industry

    Professionally download healthcare barcode maker software facilitates to make barcode label design by importing image design from any windows application including Microsoft - word, Microsoft paint and Microsoft
  • Publishing Industry Barcode Creator

    Reliable and simple barcode generator software for library and book store generates high quality barcode labels for bar-coding of books that helps to manage book store efficiently. Expertise book store barcode label
  • Barcodes for Manufacturing Warehousing

    Reliable and simple barcode generator software for Manufacturing Warehousing Industry generates barcode labels and barcode tags in easy steps. Expertise Manufacturing Industry barcode designer software generates barcode
  • Business Cards Templates

    Efficient and reliable Business Card Templates generates visiting cards, barcode labels and business cards in few mouse clicks. Innovative business barcode card designer software generates printable barcode labels and
  • Inventory Barcode Generator

    Inventory barcode Generator allow you to make all type of 1D and 2D barcode fonts, modify & resize created barcode and that are produce using different barcode font including Codebar, barcode 39, barcode 128, Ean-13,
  • Barcodes Generator Healthcare Industry

    Innovative medical industry barcode generator software generates multiple barcode design in few simple steps. Reliable and efficient healthcare barcode creator software generates quality barcode labels using linear and
  • Postal Service Barcode Creator

    Specialized postal service barcode creator software generates barcode labels and stickers for labeling postal items and banking documents. Innovative post office barcode maker software makes barcode tags using advance
  • Aztec 2D Barcode ActiveX 4.0.1

    The handy Aztec 2D barcode ActiveX is capable of generating Aztec 2D barcode. You can use it in any ActiveX-compliant environment such as visual Basic, visual FoxPro, Word, Access, C++ Builder, Excel, visual C++,
  • Barcode Label Printing Software

    barcode Label Printing Software is a Dynemic and exclusive tool & very easy-to-use barcode printing program which is more than sufficient of your barcoding needs & requirements. Creates customized barcodes with
  • .NET Barcode Recognition Decoder SDK 1.0

    The Dotnet barcode Recognition Decoder SDK reads barcodes in C#, VB.NET and visual Studio. Reads multiple barcode types from a single DLL that is 100% managed code, strong named and digitally signed. Supported barcode
  • Manufacturing Industry Barcode Labels

    Manufacturing industry barcode labels maker is able to design unique, attractive barcode ribbons with colorful and stylist surroundings. Easy to use barcode generator program permits application users to set barcode
  • Warehouse Industry Barcode Maker

    Innovative warehouse industry barcode maker software generates colorful barcode designs using advance color setting features. Easy to download barcode generator software for warehouse industry facilitates to designs
  • Form Designer for VB 1.0

    Greatis Form designer VB - Runtime Form designer for Microsoft visual Basic.Form designer VB enables you move and resize any control on your Microsoft visual Basic form at runtime. You need not prepare your form to use
  • Free Barcode Software for Mac OS

    Mac apple barcode maker program creates rich quality, eye-catching barcode labels, stickers, rolls, sheets etc. Free barcode software for Mac OS produces useful barcode images that supported by all barcode scanners,
  • UltimateMenu 3.3

    UltimateMenu is an ASP.NET server control to build dynamic popup menus. You can either use one of the samples as your Template, or build your own menu from scratch. Either way, you will have your menu ready in no time.
  • ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional 2.0

    barcode Professional is a server control which can generate the most popular Linear and 2D barcode Symbologies. After specifying a Value to encode, choosing a barcode Symbology, and setting its properties, barcode
  • Courier Mails Barcodes Generator

    Flexible parcel barcode tag generator application helps to compose bulk barcode stickers using random value sequence, sequential value sequence and constant value. Easy to use postal service barcode designer software
  • ConnectCode .Net Barcode SDK 3.5

    ConnectCode .Net barcode SDK is an advance and modern .Net compliant barcode generation Software Development Kit (SDK). It supports all commonly used linear barcodes in the industry including the modern GS1 Databar and
  • Postal and Banking Barcode Software

    Postal and banking barcode tool produces valuable barcode labels, ribbons using barcode generation options including random, sequential and constant value series. Powerful barcode image designer utility creates
  • Barcode Business

    barcode maker utility is specially designed and developed to create customized barcode labels in reliable and cost effective manner. Professional barcode business software saves all generated colorful, stylist barcode
  • Manufacturing Warehousing 2d barcodes

    Amazing barcode printing mechanism is exclusively designed for creating manufacturing and warehousing barcode labels using advanced page and font settings. Manufacturing warehousing 2d barcodes software generates barcode
  • Bokai Barcode Image Generator .Net Control (Barcode .Net) 3.0

    Bokai barcode image generator .Net control shortly called as barcode .Net is a comprehensive suite of barcode .Net components such as barcode Component, barcode Control and barcode Web Control that will enable you to
  • RmBarCode 1.00a

    Rmbarcode.Ocx its an Activex Control to create, display & print in a easy way the most populars barcode. You can use Rmbarcode Activex Control in Microsoft Office applications (MS-Word, MS-Excel, Ms-Access, Etc.)