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  • 24U Appearance OSAX 2.1

    All the useful functions for the communication with a user that you have missed so Far in the AppleScript, you can have Now also under the Mac OS X
  • Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment (Visual Studio Edition) 2.0

    Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment Visual Studio Edition (VP-SDE VS) is a full-featured visual analysis, modeling extension for Microsoft
  • Visual Paradigm SDE (Visual Studio Edition) 4.3

    SDE for Visual Studio is a UML CASE tool/plug-in tightly integrated with Visual Studio. This UML modeling software supports full software lifecycle -
  • Visual MP3 4.3

    Visual MP3 is a program that performs tasks such as organization of MP3 files, MP3 playback and lyrics display, CD ripper, and ID3 tag editor feature
  • Visual Log 1.0

    Visual Log is an advanced Windows logger. It''s not just a perfect key logger it logs all of running programs, associated files, and of couse
  • Visual JS 1.0

    Visual JS is a Web-Based RAD IDE with file manager for building zero-footprint RIA that is based on a top innovative Open Source multipurpose AJAX
  • Visual AEM 1.04

    Visual AEM is a graphical user interface for single and multi-layer analytic element modeling of (mostly) steady-state groundwater flow and
  • Visual BCD

    Visual BCD is an advanced GUI version of Windows bcdedit utility.It is the first GUI utility to implement full editing of the BCD store.No more
  • Visual Help 4.0

    Visual HELP is the most advanced hydrological modeling environment available for designing landfills, predicting leachate mounding and evaluating
  • Visual IO 7.092

    Visual I/O is a development tool for generating Man/Machine interfaces applications running on a PCcompatible computer. Visual I/O integrates a
  • Visual IRC

    Visual IRC is a simple yet efficient open source Internet Relay Chat client intended for Windows. It's all functionality is determined by the built-in
  • Visual TFT 2.30

    Visual TFT is a standalone application used for rapid development of graphical user interfaces for TFT displays. Software generates code compatible
  • Visual USB 3.3

    The goal for Visual USB was to make USB protocol analysis as fast and easy for developers as possible. This required a new approach, and Ellisys
  • Visual CD 4.2

    Most of the time we use discs to create backups, and if some hardware problem occurs, we know that our information is safe in our backup copies. But
  • ASE Visual SCL 1.03

    ASE???s Visual SCL is a graphical tool that allows the creation, editing and viewing of IEC 61850 SCL files without requiring knowledge of the
  • Visual KIX 1.0

    Visual KIX allows you to simplify networking tasks by creating massive logon scripts in a point and click fashion. 1.Map Network Drives to
  • Visual MD5 1.0

    Visual MD5 supports Drag & Drop operation, and can handle multiple files at
  • Visual C++ Express Edition

    You can use the completely integrated development and debugging environment that is provided by handy software Visual C++ 2005 ExPress Edition for
  • Visual BNF 1.0

    isual BNF is a FREE parsing tool for noncommercial use - BNF parser, which is used to generate an LALR / LR (left to right parsing with rightmost
  • Visual CHM 4.3

    Visual CHM - Visual tool to make CHM files. With this editor you can create what you visualize, very easy to use but professional results! You don't
  • Visual FTP 2.05

    Visual FTP is the only FTP Client that can schedule file tansfers offline. Includes a number of features that enhance the FTP client interface,
  • Visual ISO 1.1 Beta 8

    Now you can easily create mkisofs files by using handy software Visual ISO. This Dirk Paehl developed easy to use program supports drag and drop
  • Visual S25 1.2

    Management software for Siemens mobiles phones: S25, S35i, C35i, M35i, SL45, SL45i, SL42, S45, ME45 and C45.Support IrDA and data cable.Four
  • Visual MP3 To Wav Converter 1.2

    Visual MP3 To Wav Converter is a member of the award-winning Visual MP3 Family. Unlike its competitors, the Visual MP3 To Wav Converter not only
  • Visual Illustrations 2.2

    The full version of Visual Illustrations computerized book contains 35 powerful exciting Christian object lessons and 70 bonus lessons, projects,
  • Visual Labels 3.50

    Windows Label software to design and print Avery labels. You can design and print any kind of label, including diskette labels, VCR labels, jar and
  • Visual Documents v2.3

    CodeForms Lite v4.0 is a high tech tool for all programmers that will let you design, on a WYSIWYG environment and using the drop a drag method, the
  • Visual Mailer 1.1

    Send HTML formatted Emails to your Datafile, Spreadsheet or Database of Contacts. Built-in Visual HTML Editor and Built-in Mail Server for maximum
  • Visual Webcreator 1.0.650

    Visual WebCreator is a html editor. In Visual Webcreator, both amateurs and professionals can create advanced websites with only a few clicks. When
  • Visual Shapes 4.0

    This is an Excellent Software for Kids to learn Visual recognition of common Shapes and Objects using a puzzle assembling format. It also is very
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  • Haxial AppearanceEdit 1.02

    Haxial recognizes that people have widely varying tastes, and what is delicious to one person is disgusting to another person, and what is beautiful to one person is hideous to another person. This is why Haxial wants
  • AnyColor 0.3.0

    AnyColor is an extension (add-on) for Firefox 3 that changes the browser???s appearance. It???s quite different from a theme because it is customizable and can update the browser???s appearance on the fly; no restart is
  • AudioWeb 1.0

    AudioWeb is a simple to use sound manager applet. It helps adding interactive sounds to web pages. In addition the applet does the spectral Analysis of the sound and displays visual effects. There are two modes of
  • ThemeEngine 9.20

    ThemeEngine is a library of components which allows to change visual appearance and behavior of your application with use of the powerful set of tools including visual components, convenient designers, easy-to-use
  • Balancer Lite

    Atangeo Balancer is a tool that puts your 3D polygonal models in balance. With Balancer you can quickly and easily find your perfect balance between visual appearance and the number of polygons. Balancer utilizes a high
  • Balancer Lite and Demo

    Atangeo Balancer is a tool that puts your 3D polygonal models in balance. With Balancer you can quickly and easily find your perfect balance between visual appearance and the number of polygons. Balancer utilizes a high
  • WinMedic Suite

    WinMedic's eleven tools are designed to give you complete control over the performance and appearance of your system. By recovering memory and disc space, optimizing the Windows Registry, and adjusting various Windows
  • ExIEToolTip 1.0

    ExIEToolTip from Digital Solutions is an ActiveX Dll component that greatly enhances the visual appearance of your application's or desktop tooltips. ExIEToolTip provides a high level of visual customization and are a
  • XPButton ActiveX 1.0

    Add appealing visual styles to your applications in all Windows versions with this very quick and powerful button. All new Default styles (Windows XP, Office 2003, visual Studio 2005, 3D standard, Flat, Explorer, Shaped)
  • AddFlow for Silverlight 1.5

    AddFlow for Silverlight v1.5Addflow for Silverlight is a Silverlight Custom control created with Silverlight 4 and VS 2010. It offers the following advantages:A small deployment assembly. The size of the
  • TAdvNavBar

    Outlook 2003 / Office 2007 style navigational control. Feature overview: -Outlook 2003 / 2007 style navigational control -Extensive control over appearance -VCL and VCL.NET compatible -Flexible structure for hosting
  • ChromeXP 2.0

    ChromeXP is a Windows XP visual Style which turns your PC into Google Chrome in appearance. It makes your Titlebar, start menu, buttons etc. into Google Chrome???s style. ChromeXP is a Windows XP visual Style which
  • Hotkey Jumpstart 1.4

    HotKey JumpStart lets you get our work done faster. It lets you start any program on your computer with just a few keystrokes. For example, to start Microsoft Word, just type CONTROL-J word Launch Programs in
  • iPoker BetPot 2.6

    The betpots gives you tools for a more comfortable playing in the networks Ipoker an Ongame. It's fully customizable keys on any action, utilities for highlighting, placement and resizing tables.In the visual editor you
  • Visual WinHelp 3.0

    visual WinHelp is a fast, effective way to create WinHelp documentation. Supporting the features you need to create professional-quality projects, visual WinHelp is an effective solution for programmers, and others who
  • WinMedic System Suite 1.0

    The WinMedic System Suite is a powerful, yet easy to use collection of tools that makes it a snap to optimize system performance, protect your Privacy, eliminate temporary and junk files, recover accidentally deleted
  • ExCombobox

    The eXComboBox represents some of the most advanced combobox technology available in the components marketplace. A combo box is a commonly-used GUI tool. It is a combination of a drop-down list or list box and a
  • TMS HTML Controls Pack

    Unlimited Freedom of visual appearance with a series of components with build-in HTML formatting support. Includes support for font styles, colors, hyperlinks, various image formats, indents, hovering, blinking, .. &
  • StarSkin

    Starting from Windows XP, Microsoft Corp. introduced the Theme Manager component that enables users to customize visual appearance of all applications that run in Windows. Users may customize literally all visual
  • OscilloChart Pro ActiveX Control 1.5

    Professional edition : - Auto scale - One level zoom - Screen Back Picture for tremendous visual effect - Customizable mouse cursor - A simpler, easier and faster way to print the control - New
  • Guide Bot Demo for Torque 3D Alpha 0.8

    Guide Bot is a cutting-edge all-in-one middleware AI solution for games and virtual reality. With Guide Bot you can create and configure behavior and visual appearance for AI characters of very different types: from
  • My Command Button ActiveX 5.16

    Add appealing visual styles to your applications in all Windows versions with this very powerful button. All new default styles (Windows Vista, Office 2007, XP, Office 2003, visual Studio 2005, 3D standard, Flat,
  • ExGantt 1.0

    The Exontrol's ExGantt component is the approach to create timeline charts (also known as Gantt charts). Gantt chart is a time-phased graphic display of activity durations. Activities are listed with other tabular
  • eXTree Lite

    ExTree is a handy windows control that allows you to imitate the visual appearance of any application and provides different views of control like list view, multi column tree or simple tree structure view. You can
  • Download Manager Tweak 0.9.5

    Allows the Download Manager to also open in a tab or SideBar, and adds some optional display changes. The intent of Download Manager Tweak is in the name. It "tweaks" the Firefox download manager with small changes
  • CodeThatBuilder 2.5.0

    CodeThat Studio is a powerful tool that enables you to create JavaScript solutions from CodeThat.Com fast and easy. With CodeThat Studio you can design the structure and customize the appearance of your scripts in
  • CodeThat Studio 2.5.0

    CodeThat Studio is a powerful tool that enables you to create JavaScript solutions from CodeThat.Com fast and easy. With CodeThat Studio you can design the structure and customize the appearance of your scripts in
  • ViEmu for Visual Studio 2.5.4

    ViEmu for visual Studio is the most popular and mature product of the ViEmu line. Many hundreds of developers use it all day, every day for all their development tasks. Supporting all basic and many advanced features of
  • Process logger 1.0

    This program runs in the background listing all running Processes at defined intervals. Useful for analysing user activity NOTE: The program has no visual appearance - once you start the program it will run as a
  • Outline Browser 2.3

    This Java applet provides a dynamic outline of your sites contents in a graphic tree structure, and gives your site a professional appearance. You control the applets content by creating a plain-text site map, and you